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2 years ago

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I was in a nightclub and had noticed a man watching me during the night. Towards the end of the night, as I 'm on my own, while the rest of the girls who are still dancing. He came over and started chatting with me and introduced himself as (Dan) after a while a woman approached us, he presented as his girlfriend ( Helen). He said dachix both were aware of me and said that both found me attractive, and asked if I had ever thought about a threesome. I said no, and she asked me if I would try it, I told him I was not sure (although I 'm very excited about the idea). They continued to dachix talk with me, and after a while I was in the agreement, said he was trying. Since I had taken a couple of drinks and was completely by all the attention I was getting. Dan patted my ass right now, while we were talking then leaned forward and began to kiss a long time. I asked Dan if he would mind Helen, who have this type of care that respondsNo, as she was known to seduce me. Helen asked if we could leave so we could have a ride with me when she was very hot forecast. We went outside in the back of the building, which was very quiet, and Dan started kissing me again. I had two pairs of hands caress me, Dan and Helen walked away then took his place. I was a little nervous when she started kissing me, but I soon realized it was also exciting. Continue for a while, then began to fondle my breasts through my top. My nipples began, very hard and showed through the material. They caressed each while Dan bit his neck from behind as she rubs against my ass. She asked if I could go down to my superior, at which time I could have asked for anything and I remember that I said yes. She pulled me over and started licking one of my nipples, dachix and then the other, while pressing dachix my breasts with his hands. After a while, when I wasso excited, I asked if I would play it. I rubbed my hands slowly over her breasts, and when I felt a little more confidence, I hugged her and stroked her hard nipples as she began. She was breathing with dachix difficulty, and Dan asked if he was enjoying, she said yes, and asked me if I like the top are reversed. I undid the buttons, then slipped the straps over the shoulder strap of her bra over her breasts. She asked me to lick her nipples, as she had me, so I bent down and started to try this after doing this for a while, I asked Dan if I was always told him and of course I do, I never had been before with a woman, she began to lift my skirt, I let them do this while watching Dan, and pulled my underwear before feeling between my legs. I was very wet and she opened her mouth and said, ' should be on. She stroked me for a while, and dachix when I was very excited, said it would be best left for a time, otherwise it would too soon. She suggested I do the same with her, so I did when I was asked, and lifted her skirt. He wore no underwear, and I slid my fingers between her legs and rubbed slowly. She was as wet as it was, and enjoy, obviously. She said she wanted to show something else, but I would have to take off my underwear. They were released soon, and I was on the wall with his legs apart as dachix he knelt in front of me and slid her tongue between my legs. I gasped, as he did, and Dan said, I should dachix be silent, or we could call attention to itself, that keep me busy. Started kissing me as she squeezed my breasts, everyone was dachix so often to lick and suck my nipples. It was not long before I had an intense orgasm, and I had to kiss me, prevents me mourn. Once he had recovered, he said he would teach me how to do it for them, and gave me instructions on what to do, and he knelt and began to lick between hhis legs. As for me, it was not long to come, and once she had said Dan was at that time was a bit of dachix attention, so I asked if I would help, and she ope
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